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In 1922, German expressionist filmmaker F.W. Murnau brought Nosferatu to life. Based on Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula, Nosferatu is an example of early horror that has inspired many filmmakers and is still frightfully effective, even after 100 years.

After watching Nosferatu in the cinema for a university film course, the idea came to mind to make a new soundtrack. The music that accompanied the screening was a little monotonous, which inspired us to try our hand at a dedicated soundtrack containing music specifically catered to the unique atmosphere of each scene.

Because AutonomY has made cinematic soundscapes since the late 1970s, there was already a huge backlog of music spanning all types of genres to choose from. We were often able to use tracks that eerily fit particular scenes, as if they were indeed made for them. For many other scenes, we went into the studio to create something completely new. Although this soundtrack is a composite of pieces that were made over the span of four decades, it has turned out as a cohesive whole and tells a story all on its own.



  Lesley Verbeek